Transmission Received: Hang Ten!

by Timecop Beach Party

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released July 25, 2015

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Jared Mann
Album Art by Mark Robillard

Surfs Up!



all rights reserved


Timecop Beach Party Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: Newsreel 3/11/2112
And now "News from the Frontlines"!

A band of intergalactic insurgents calling themselves The Movement of the Outer Nebula or MOON, have kidnapped two high ranking officials of the Solar Federation. The keepers of the Scales of Justice, Libra have been taken hostage with no ransom. Officials report that Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschmali better known as the Zube Brothers were abducted from their homes this week past.

With the Zube Brothers AWOL, the Scales of Justice have been tipped unfavorably. Giving way to an influx of vagrancy and solar senselessness.

With interstellar crime and injustice on the rise, the boys in the Space Police Force have put their efforts into hyperdrive.

The Solar Federation launches Operation Hang Ten, in the dark recesses of the Galaxy. A surprise surf assault of the enemy on all fronts.

Suffering minor casualties, the SPF liberate part of the Gliese system from the Movement adding another victory to the illustrious history of their corps. But, the MOON fiends won't give up the fight that easily. Taking refuge somewhere in the constellation of Libra, these captors are still at large.

Our very own Colonel Cosmos dispatches a group of Elite Space Police from their headquarters orbiting Saturn, to give this outlaw gang a what for! Sworn to protect time and space, this group has the right stuff to get the job done. Go get em boys! Surfs Up!
Track Name: Newsreel 4/20/2112
And now "News from the frontlines!"

The Space Police Force have done it again! We've just received word that our Boards in Blue have rescued the missing Zubes!

The SPF were tipped off by an informant who could only be identified as "The Supernova Surfer".

The Surfer tells our boys that the MOON has hired a gang of thugs called the Boogie Bots to capture high ranking officers of the Solar Federation.

The purpose of these kidnappings was unclear until the Space Police stumbled upon a sweatshop that solely manufactures boogie boards.

Located on the planet Gliese 581d, this illegal operation harbored hundreds of officials from around the Galaxy who were kidnapped and forced into serfdom.

Our brave space cadets wasted no time springing into action, kicking robo rump.

With the boogie boys behind bars, members of the Solar Federation can rest easily knowing that their protectors, the Space Police Force, remain vigilant.

Great job shredding that milky wave of justice boys! No evil doers are safe from the Timecop Beach Party!